Little Billy Trailer

By Bob Waring





·     Front wheel drive & models.  

·     Rear wheel drive & models.   

·     Four wheel drive & models.    

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   ·     Flat pack available for delivery. All are very easy to assemble and ready to use.

·     Dolly trailer from under 200 kg, comes with a large Jockey wheel which allows easy maneuvering and storage.  

·     2.5m width.   

·     Equipped with a tracking drawbar for smoother towing.   

·     Non removable ramps to prevent theft or becoming lost.   

·     L.E.D. lights installed for long life.   

·     For extra security the trailer is equipped with 2 X 2500kg strapping to secure the vehicle which is also used on semi trailers plus 2 additional anchor points made up of chains and bolts for added security.  

·     Suitable for most front wheel drive vehicles.  

·     Trailer width 2.5m and Length of 2.6m.   


 Rear and 4WD.   


·     Full tilting bed, no ramps needed.   

·     Set over four strapping to maximise security. Two safety chains front and back also installed.   

·       Additional Racking if required for boats etc.  

·       Trailers are painted with rust primer and finished with Hammer Tone industrial, available in red, Grey, Back, Green and Blue   



                  TOUGH PAINT LOOKS GREAT !!!!!!!! 



 Littlebilly Trailer V1

Tie down on the Little Billy Trailer


Little Billy Dolly Trailer

• Introducing the wanderer’s mate. The ultimate drive on-tie down and drive away car carry.    

• All trailers are sold Registered
• Swing Over Adjustable Jockey Wheel
• Electric Brakes (Optional Extra)
• Wired with Lights and Plug for Towed Vehicles
• Ease of Towing
• Delivery anywhere in Australia (can Flat pack)
• Small, light & convenient
• No frightening tail sway
• Low registration costs
• 1450kg Carrying Capacity
• Chain Tie Down with Racket Adjustment
• 50mm Ball Hitch
• New & Light Truck Tires or Mag's
• Ground Clearance 190mm
• Good Mudguard Clearance
• 20:1 Winch with Chain Tie Downs


• Width 2500mm
• Overall Length 2500mm
• Weight 180kg
• Height of Wheel-pans 250mm

{NOTE: Specifications may vary slightly}