Thanks Rob,


I’ve been involved in trucks and machinery for most of my working life and I still have my heavy combination licence.   


The first time we went travelling after I retired was a disaster, we went in the van alone, and with no car we would set up camp and when we wanted to look around we had to walk or rely on others in the park for a ride or some other ways.


When it was raining we were stuck at camp or we would have to pull up camp and this wasn’t very enjoyable.  Then we purchases a “Little Billy Trailer” and that did make it a real holiday. We could go wherever we wanted to, stay wherever we wanted and for as long or as short a stay as we wanted.


Having a small car with us we travelled around Australia and some times all day knowing we had our camper set up at home it was so good. The “Little Billy Trailer” is so easy to use and it tows very well, it doesn’t use much more fuel then normal. It’s just great we love it.  I believe this is the best little trailer I’ve very purchased



William Christianson

Travelling now, formerly   

Based at Ballina NSW   Age 73.



little billy trailer with small RV


little billy towed by a small RV 




little billy trailer set up in camp behind a small RV


Satisfied customer, Mr William Christianson (above) shows his 'Little Billy Trailer' behind his smaller RV and whilst in camp set up position.




Satisfied customers,  Mr and Mrs John Dudgeon receiving   their 'Little Billy Trailer'. (below)

A satisfied customer